Nano Sanitas

Nano Sanitas | Odor Vanish Removes Odors - 250 ml

Containing more than 99.99% deionized water and a unique combination of nanoparticles, this formulation will permanently neutralize bacteria originating odors, maintaining a fresh, scent-free environment. Suitable for pet accessories and living space.

• Removes odors effectively
• Free of preservatives (e.g. parabens)
• Worry-free ingredients for frequent use
• For accessories and living space

Aqua (Water), Functionalized Silver Nanoparticles.

Use freely, as many times needed per week. Shake well before use. Spray it, at a distance of 30-50cm on pet accessories (bedding, apparel, etc.). One discharge covers a surface of about 100cm2. If required, wipe the area dry after a few minutes. Do not spray directly onto your skin or pet. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Nano Sanitas | Odor Vanish Removes Odors - 250 ml